Platonic Partnership

Platonic Partnership is an award-winning game studio. We take pride in developing world-class story games, gamification services and XR solutions.

We develop gamified solutions for better communication and understanding (e.g tacit knowledge) and we always drive for cutting-edge solutions for our clients. We have implemented serious games such strategy implementation game for large organization, VR factory tours, gamified application to help people read more books.

Our customers include companies, museums and municipalities. People call us digital magicians.

We offer

  • Gamification services
  • World-class XR solutions
  • Narrative-driven multi-platform development – tell your company´s story through a custom-made adventure game
  • Consulting services

Selected references

  • Lemonsoft Oy
  • Alko Oy
  • City of Espoo
  • Westenergy Oy
  • City of Vaasa

We are looking for

We are here to help you to communicate your new products and services to your customers, help you to educate your personnel (VR and gamified applications) or any other game related services.