Vamp Ltd, a member of Schneider Electric, specializes in protection relays and arc flash protection systems for power distribution networks. Vamp’s protection relays are used in various applications, from overhead line feeders and substations to power plants and industrial power systems. Their integrated arc flash protection functionality enhances the safety of operations and property and has made Vamp a leading supplier of arc flash protection systems worldwide.

We offer

  • Basic and advanced arc flash protection systems for low- and medium-voltage power distribution
  • Protection relays for feeders, overhead lines, motors, generators, transformers, busbars, capacitor banks and reactors

Selected references

  • 56,000 arc flash protection systems with 500.000 sensors installed in utilities, industries and power generation
  • 7600 protected medium-voltage generators in power plants
  • 205.000 protection relays installed in utilities and industries

We are looking for

We seek customer satisfaction by providing world-class protection relays, arc flash protection systems and services perfectly fitted to customer demand.

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