In Finland, with winters easily as cold as -25°C, and summers easily as hot as 35°C, we know what season-change means! We are constantly in touch with nature in Finland, and our systems are developed precisely for that: maintaining a perfectly balanced and constant inside-climate. Regardless of the weather outside, or actually, our systems even anticipate the weather outside! Our founders have more than 25 years of experience in several countries and several climates, with currently more than 10 000 completed projects (and counting).

We offer

Inside climate control systems, Weather anticipating systems which will reduce energy consumption, Long term solutions, International service and support

Selected references

Helsinki Music Centre, Helsinki, Finland, 2009–2011, Zero Emission Nursing Home, Järvenpää, Finland, 2011–2012, Stockmann Department Store, Helsinki, Finland, 2007–2010

We are looking for

Fidelix is continuously looking for new partners in Northern Europe, especially in Norway and Denmark. If put are looking for a trustworthy supplier, please contact us.

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