Arcteq Relays

Arcteq is the pioneer in arc flash protection, and we are known for making the most accurate protection relays in the world. Our headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Vaasa, Finland.
Over the past decade, Arcteq products have been installed on all continents throughout the world. In addition to high-quality products, we are committed to providing industry-leading support and service to our customers. Our mission is to promote the safe and reliable supply of energy by enhancing power grid protection and control.

We offer

  • A complete range of protection relays for high-voltage
    transmission, sub-transmission and medium-voltage
    distribution systems.
  • A complete range of solutions for any arc protection
    need in low-voltage and medium-voltage
  • A wide range of engineering services including power
    system simulations and analyses, configuration and
    commissioning services, as well as training courses.

Selected references

More than  50 000 protection relays sold world wide:

  • CERN, Switzerland
  • Trafikverket, Sweden
  • Anglo Gold, South Africa
  • Caruna, Finland
  • TNB, Malaysia
  • POSCO, South Korea
  • VALE, Brazil
  • Equinor, Norway
  • Fingrid, Finland
  • Chevron, USA

We are looking for

Arcteq works internationally through a partner network, and
we are constantly looking for new partners globally. As we
are growing rapidly, we are always on the look-out for new
skilled personnel to join our team.

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