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EPV Energy Ltd (EPV) – leading emission-free energy generation, is a Finnish energy company that produces and supplies approximately 5 per cent of all electricity consumed in Finland. EPV Energy invests in emission-free energy generation in a goal-oriented way. For example, EPV is a forerunner in wind power in Finland. Investment in nuclear power is also part of EPV’s strategy. In 2017, around 50 per cent of EPV’s electricity production came from renewable energy sources and 85 per cent from emission-free sources. In line with EPV’s strategy, we will also continue our purposeful work towards emission-free energy generation in the future. EPV Energy has more than 65 years’ experience of responsible energy generation.

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EPV Energy Ltd is a Finnish energy company that generates and acquires electricity and heat for its shareholders, i.e. Finnish energy companies, at a production cost price.

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EPV ensures the energy supply of its shareholders by being involved in the most significant energy projects in Finland. EPV is a pioneer in industrial-scale wind power in Finland and the company has already 4 industrial-scale windparks in operation.

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EPV is a company specialised in energy procurement and it operates on an absorption costing principle. The aim is to supply the owners with competitive electricity and to ensure inexpensive power procurement in a changing operating environment.

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