TK Engineering

A top expert in CAN and digitalization technologies, TK Engineering works together with the market leaders of various industries. The core of our expertise lies in the design and planning of CAN hardware and software and in combining them with various, digitalized, technological systems. Internet of Everything digitalizes the world. TK Engineering’s IoE thinking combines active and passive machines, as well as people and their actions. IoE by TKE collects information about mobile machines, passive devices, manuals, configurations, users and their observations. IoE by TKE enables quick data retrieval between different user group levels.

We offer

Software tools for design and configuration, Analysis and monitoring of CAN based networks, Mobile control systems for building a complete control systems for mobile machines, CAN hardware and software, Consulting, IoE by TKE

Selected references

Wärtsilä, Scania, Teknoware, MarineJetPower, Skoda Transportation, Valtra (AGCO)

We are looking for

TK Engineering is looking for new customers and business partners in our focus industries.

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