Adiabatix Oy is a global forerunner of heat insulation solutions for demanding applications. In addition to its excellent insulation properties, Adiabatix’s patented technology will help you achieve significant cost savings in life-cycle costs and simultaneously notable improvements in occupational safety. Adiabatix has developed a line of pioneering products for the insulation needs of various industries and types of energy production around the world.

We offer

  • Insulation module system, Adi-IMS®
  • SOLAS Insulation products for Marine sector
  • Reflective Metal Insulation (RMI) for Nuclear Power Plants
  • Thermal imaging, reporting and suggestions for corrective measures

Selected references

  • Forsmark Kraftgrupp, RMI heat insulations for piping and valves.
  • Fortum, heat insulations for process equipment
  • Statoil, heat insulations for process equipment

We are looking for

Direct customers and sales partners.

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