BTB Transformers Ltd

BTB Transformers Ltd, The Transformer Marketplace, is a Finnish entrepreneur driven company known for its speed, flexibility and reliability. Our aim is to solve the transformer needs of our customers by using our knowledge and genuine passion for customer service. We recognize ourselves as being more than a manufacturer and more than a trading company. Our transformer marketplace is connected worldwide.

We offer

  • Oil-immersed and Dry-type transformers of any application
  • Transformers up to 500 MVA and 525 kV
  • Emergency Services – Sale of surplus and used power- and special transformers
  • Fast Track Projects – New transformers with short lead time

Selected references

We sell and supply transformers to the following customer segments: Power generation and distribution, production and process industry, EPC and contracting industry, Utilities and OEM companies.

We are looking for

New customers and partners specially within: Power distribution and Power generation, Production and Process industry, EPC and OEM companies, System Integrators, Battery Energy Storage Systems. Worldwide.

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