Ampner Oy offers products and services for connecting energy sources to the grid. We have decades of experience on grid integration of renewables and today we are active at two business areas. Our Power Engineering -team provides high level expertise on grid integration of renewable power plants, grid code compliance and power system studies. Our second business is newly developed Ampner ACE™300 inverter which is world’s lightest, most compact string inverter for 1500 VDC PV solar and energy storage applications.

We offer

  • Ampner ACE™ 300 PV string inverter for solar power plants
  • Ampner ACE™ 300 ES inverter for energy storage facilities
  • Power Engineering
  • Grid code compliance service
  • Power system studies
  • Electrical design

Selected references

Our handprint can be seen in more than 10 GW renewable electricity grid connection.

The Ampner senior staff has developed power electronics for grid integration of renewable since early 2000’s, before it was mainstream in the industry.


We are looking for

Direct customers, Technology partners, Sales partners, Distributors, OEM’s, System integrators, Investors, Suppliers

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