Vaasan Vesi

Vaasan Vesi was established in 1915 and we still proudly provide our customers with water supply services, of which the most important is to purify and deliver a high-quality drinking water, as well as manage and treat wastewater. We also build and maintain the water pipe and sewer networks and provide customers with planning consultation and expert advice. In the Vaasa region there is significant cooperation across municipalities when it comes to water supply and wastewater treatment. All in all, we serve over 70 000 inhabitants. Vaasan Vesi supplies parts of Korsholm with clean water, and receives sewage from parts of both Korsholm and Malax. The sewage sludge is turned into biogas at Stormossen waste treatment plant in Korsholm and it will be upgraded to run 12 of the city busses by the end of 2016.

We supply

High-quality drinking water to more than 70,000 inhabitants, Sewage treatment that meet some of the highest purification standards in the country due to our shallow receiving waters, Technical services that include the planning, mapping, building and maintaining of the pipe and sewer networks, Customers with planning consultation and advice

Ongoing projects

Deep Groundwater from Kurikka: Vasa has for long relied on surface water from Kyrönjoki River. In 2012 we started searching for groundwater sources in a nearby municipality and came across deep groundwater in an ancient riverbed. By 2025 we plan to bring this water to Vasa and save in both purifying costs and energy.

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