Westenergy owns and operates a modern Waste-to-Energy plant that gives new purpose to unrecyclable material. We utilize it to produce about 40 % of the district heat needed in the Vaasa region and electricity for 7 000 households in cooperation with the local energy company Vaasan Sähkö Oy. Furthermore, up to 80 % of our bottom slag is suitable material for concrete products and infrastructure constructions. We are part of the circular economy of the day and want to do everything we can for a clean and sustainable world.

Westenergy is open for visitors year-round so go ahead and head over to our website to learn more about us and about your visiting possibilities!

We supply

Westenergy is the link between waste management and energy supply. We offer our owner companies the possibility to utilize the energy from unrecyclable material in an efficient, safe and clean way.

We are interested in developing

We are constantly seeking ways to improve and develop the quality and efficiency of our operations as well as looking for ways to maintain the health and safety of the personnel.

Selected references

  • Oy Botniarosk Ab
  • Lakeuden Etappi Oy
  • Millespakka Oy
  • Ab Stormossen Oy
  • Vestia Oy

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