Skycode Oy is programming company who build softwares with every modern programming techniques. We are focused for developing artificial intelligence to customers exact needs. Most of our customers are in industry, energy, military and finance sectors. For industry we have modern production planning software Skyplanner which makes production planning more efficient and predictable. Skyplanner software is powered by artificial intelligence.

We engineer softwares to your company exact needs.

We offer

  • Programming
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Production planning software Skyplanner (Advanced planning and scheduling, APS)
  • Production monitoring software SkyMonitor
  • Production and profit post calculation software SkyReport

Selected references

  • Escarmat Oy
  • Patricomp Oy (Patria)
  • Timaco Oy
  • Fixura Oy
  • Conlog Oy
  • KJH-Comp Oy
  • Kirike Oy

We are looking for

We want to find companies who are interested to develop their business with artificial intelligence. We offer free consultation about possibilities of artificial intelligence in your business.

We want to digitalize industrial production.