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The Yrityskylä learning environment for 6th graders is a schoolchildren’s society, a miniature city where students work in a profession and earn money for their work. In addition, the students act as consumers and citizens, as part of Finnish society. In the Yrityskylä learning environment for 9th graders, students compete in managing a company on the global markets. During the game, the teams manufacture and sell their products to customers and head the company for a period of one year. The winning team is the one that has achieved the best reputation in addition to a good operating profit.

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The students gain an understanding of the economic concepts introduced during the lessons through gaming and concrete examples​.

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“The best thing about it was ​being part of a group and learning many new things about how businesses operate. ​I learned about companies​ and spending money:income, expenditure and profitability.”​ -Ninth-grader

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We want every Finn to be a bold, inspired and enterprising member of society.

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