Experience Lab

Our expertise is in human/user centred design (HCD/UCD) of digital solutions and content. We conduct user experience and usability testing – measure and evaluate human experiences of digital technology and its user interfaces, based on a toolkit combining eyetracking and other biometrics with traditional methods. We support user centred design of new solutions based on understanding the needs of the users, and we test and evaluate the potential of new technologies from the human viewpoint.
Experience Lab is a part of Åbo Akademi University’s Vaasa campus.

We offer

  • User testing and evaluation of digital content and solutions
  • User centred development of new digital solutions and processes
  • Workshops on the potential of new technology and the impact of digital transformation
  • Experience Design Research

Selected references

More than 100 business cases over the last 15 years

We are looking for

Research and development projects into the field of experience design, user experience and usability, new technologies and interfaces and the encounter between humans and technology

Other Remarks

<p>Visits are subject to availability of staff and premises, and should preferably be arranged well in advance.</p>

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