School of Technology and Innovations, University of Vaasa

The world needs sustainable, feasible and profitable energy solutions. We develop expertise in the energy cluster with international, national and local industrial companies.

We educate Bachelors, Masters and Doctors of Science in Tech. and in Econ. Graduates are pioneers of new energy and sustainability ready for expert and leadership duties.

Research areas
• information technology and wireless communication
• decentralised and flexible hybrid energy generation
• emissions abatement, power distribution and use
• smart grids and their protection, automation and control systems
• quality and technology management, logistics, product development
• modelling, simulation and optimisation of economic and technological phenomena

We offer

Dynamic cooperation in the field of energy education and research.
Research facilities for fuels, engines, power generation, geoenergy, simulations of smart grids and microgrids, and hardware in the loop testing of protection and control systems.

Selected references

Projects: FCEP, TREAM, S-Step, EU-Hercules-2, INTENS, EDGE, Protect-DG, FESSMI, SESP ect.
Cooperation with companies: Wärtsilä, AGCO Power, JTK Power, UPM, Meriaura, ABB, Klinkmann, Maviko, Elenia etc.

We are looking for

New corporate, research and educational partners for collaboration in national and EU level research activities and projects.

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