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InnoLab is a phenomenon-based, multidisciplinary open research platform hosted by the University of Vaasa. The platform focuses on open and user innovation, entrepreneurship, and public sector innovation and renewal. InnoLab also encourages the application of citizen science, open science, and design thinking. The goal of InnoLab is to create innovative and unique research and to promote new ways of doing science. The combining factors on the background are inclusion, creativity, reduced hierarchies, and active citizens.
InnoLab invests in dynamic cooperation with its external partners and in communication that is interesting and inviting to all types of audiences.

We offer

The InnoLab research platform offers research services and project partnership for the social community, companies, research institutes and academics.

Selected references

Available by request.

We are looking for

New co-creation, crowd-sourcing and citizen science research and development project partners. Open and user innovation, entrepreneurship and public sector innovation and renewal included.

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