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Etha Wind has been part of planning and implementing a great portion of all Finnish wind power. Our mission is to create business that is sustainable both for the environment and for the economy. Based on experience within wind farm permitting and development consulting since 2003, Etha Wind is a very well positioned local partner who understands project risks and best practices.​ We at Etha Wind have deep understanding of the status of the Finnish wind power markets together with a clear vision of the future insights. Our multidisciplinary organization views the wind power projects from technical, economical and juridical perspectives.

We offer


WE OFFER A wide selection of different consulting services related to wind power. Our offering covers everything from project design and permitting services, to procurement and transaction support.


IN ADDITION TO separate consulting services, we offer overall development services. As the only consultant in Finland, we can take the responsibility for the whole project, from the initial idea to the ready-to-build park.

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Etha Wind performed due diligence services in Finland’s largest wind power deal to date. In the deal, renewable energy investor Exilion acquired 11 wind farms with the total capacity of 315 MW. This is equivalent to 14 % of the existing wind power in Finland.

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All project development services provided by Etha Wind are conducted in accordance with our Environmental and Social Guidelines and comply with applicable Finnish legislation.

We value transparency and rely on honest and open communication with our Partners to enable us to develop projects in a professional and responsible manner.

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