VILPE Oy/SK Tuote Oy

VILPE Oy is a leading developer and manufacturer of ventilation and specialty roofing solutions in Finland, the Baltics, Russia and Scandinavia. Our high quality VILPE® products bring better indoor air quality, energy efficiency and longevity of structures to all spaces and thus improve people´s quality of life. We invest in R&D annually over 5 % of our turnover. We operate in 10 locations across Europe and on over 30 markets. We are constantly looking for new innovations and opportunities to grow with our partners.

VILPE Oy was previously known as SK Tuote Oy. The new corporate name VILPE Oy was officially changed in autumn 2018.

We offer

Comprehensive and energy efficient ventilation solutions and speciality roof products which provide healthy indoor air and prolong the overall lifespan of private homes, townhouses, apartment buildings and homes.

Selected references

Leading European operators in the ventilation, roofing and construction business.

We are looking for

New long-term European partners, New talents, e.g. to our export team, Interesting acquisition targets in Europe

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