Geyser Batteries

Pilot production of unique energy storage devices that combine a supercapacitor and a battery in one electrochemical system. Trial samples designed for specific applications are shipped with 1.5-4-months delivery time, depending on the scale and complexity of solution requested.
Geyser Batteries technology stems from 25+ years of experience in development and manufacturing of electrochemical energy storage.

We offer

Ultra-high-power batteries that are:

  • capable of charging millions of times
  • carbon-neutral
  • fire-, explosion-, disposal- and manufacturing- safe
  • insensitive to full-discharge and reverse polarity
  • operational from -60 to +85 ˚C
  • delivering good capacity at any C-rate

Selected references

References available upon request

We are looking for

Immediate partnerships for small-to-medium-scale and -volume systems in:

  • hybrids
  • safety- and reliability- critical applications
  • high power / fast charging solutions
  • heavy-duty energy storage
  • power boost and peak levelling
  • energy recuperation

Co-development partnerships for medium-to-large-scale and -volume solutions in:

  • heavy-machinery
  • transport
  • industrial electrification and grid

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